Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brock's Quiet Book

I made this quiet book for my nephew for his 1st birthday and it was so fun coming up with a few new page ideas for this cute little boy.

NEW page - What's in Daddy's Toolbox?
I made this cute little toolbox and then made felt tools to go inside.

NEW - Put the Fruit in the Basket - I've made a similar page but this time I made it an apple tree instead of oranges.

NEW - I Can Count - this counting page had little flaps with the numbers on them from 1 to 10.

When you open the flaps you will reveal strawberries with the same number of spots as the number on the flap.  I just made another book with a similar page for a little girl so I made them lady bugs.

A Bouquet of Balloons - These little felt balloons can be rearranged and stuck to the little pieces of velcro I have attached to each.

Let's Ride the Carousel - these little beads slide up and down the polls of the carousel.

Zip Up the Coat - A fun little page to help practice zipping.

Button the Shirt - I love this fish fabric and made a special little button up shirt.

Frost the Cookies - A fun way to match up different colored shapes disguised as cookies

NEW - I Got a Letter - This fun little mail box holds a real letter and can be opened and closed to check for mail.

I Know My Address - This fun little house has a door that opens and reveals a plastic covered frame that you can insert a piece of paper with the child's address on it

Catch the Baseball - You can put your hand in the glove to see if you can catch the ball

Stack the Scoops - Who doesn't like ice cream?  This page let's you stack up three different flavors of ice cream scoops

I Know My Phone number - This fun little phone has a spot up top to insert the piece of paper with the child's phone number to learn.  The puffy numbers on the key pad make if fun to dial up their number.

A Box Full of Colors - Extra large felt crayons help little ones learn their colors in a fun way.

Let's Fly! - This little plane has a fun propellor that can be spun round and round.

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  1. Very cute! I'm make two quiet books for my girls right now. Really fun ideas. Good job.