Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beckett's Quiet Book

A good friend of mine asked if I could make her son one of the Quiet Books I had made for my children at Christmas time. This is the book that I completed for her with some new pages that I designed myself. It took roughly 38 hours of cutting, machine sewing and hand sewing to complete the 16 pages, but I am super proud of it and how cute it turned out.

Front Cover - dump truck applique and I used a small zig zag stitch to accent it.

I Can Count - This page has the numbers 1-10 cut from felt and hand sewn with a blanket stitch. There is velcro on the back of each number and then I sewed on color and number coordinating beads to match the number.

Where is the Puppy? - the little blue door opens and the puppy has a bit of velcro on it to take in and out of the dog house

Button the Shirt - This cute little preppy button down shirt helps children to practice buttoning their shirt.

I Know My Address - A cute little house with a door that opens.

Inside the door is a frame with a bit of plastic cover to reveal a sheet of paper that can be inserted with the child's address.

My Teddy Bear's Bed - This hand quilted bed spread creates a cozy little spot for this furry teddy bear that comes in and out of the bed with a little puffed up pillow under his head.

Put the Fruit in the Basket - This orange tree (could easily have been an apple tree as well) has little fruit that can be "picked" and put inside the basket.

There are little pieces of velcro on each piece and the fruit has been hand stitched with a blanket stitch.

Snap the Wheels on the Train - The Thomas-looking train has a fun bright orange accent to it.

The little felt hub caps snap off and on the wheels.

A Box Full of Colors - This crayon box is fully lined inside and creates a pocket to hold six felt crayons that have been slightly stuffed and hand stitched. I then used a volumizing puff paint to write the names of the colors on the crayons.

A Traffic Light - This fun little page has felt pieces like the colors of the stop light that velcro off and on.

I Know My Phone Number - I love this little mobile phone looking page that I created individual buttons for each number and then used the puff paint to create a raised number on each key. Then I created a little frame to display the child's actual phone number to practice using the phone to dial.

Catch the Baseball - This fleece glove is open at the bottom so the child can fit its hand inside.

Zip Up the Coat - a new twist to practice zipping

I love the dark orange with the navy!

Match the Shapes - The felt pieces are hand sewn after velcro was attached to them. A coordinating third shape is attached to the page to match up with.

What's in Daddy's Wallet? - Here I made a tri-fold wallet out of felt and attached it to the page.

Inside there are two slots for fake credit cards and a plastic lined frame for a fake driver's license to go. Also the inside opens up like a real wallet to put play money in. The whole wallet velcros shut.

Dress Me Up - This little guy has a shirt, trousers and shoes that can be detached.

Underneath he has an undershirt and boxer shorts on!!!

I Can Write and Draw - The final page is a pocket to hold a little notepad and pencil.

I personalized the book with a little tag I made from using fabric ink with a personalized stamp my mom got me for Christmas to let the person know I made it especially for them.

I had a great time making this book and have another one to make for my friend's granddaughter so I'll have a girly one put together for you all to see in a couple of weeks!!!!


  1. WOW!! It looks amazing! I can't wait to get it. All 4 kids will be fighting over it...trust me! THANK YOU!

  2. Those are some great ideas you came up with! I'm making an activity book for my daughter and was looking for ideas for more pages. I really like the dress-up page!

  3. Thanks for your comments Christa...where else have you been looking for ideas? I am always looking myself.