Gift Ideas

I have always believed it better to give than receive, so that's why I love to make things to give as gifts to others.  Store bought gifts are great, but I don't think anything can rival a homemade gift to show how much you really care about someone.

Homemade Gift I've Made

Make a Diaper Cake Center Piece Gift
Thanksgiving Grand Gobbler Decoration
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Lollipop Ghosts
Iowa State Baby Booties

Gift Basket Ideas

When I can't hand make everything for my gifts I love putting together little personalized gift baskets full of little goodies that are loads of fun.  Here are some ideas I have actually used myself and other ones I'd love to do some day:
  • Mini Movie Night - popcorn box filled with microwave popcorn bag, small bags of candy, and gift card for a free movie rental
  • Car Cleaning Kit - Big bucket filled with car wash/wax, tire cleaner, Armor-All, leather protectant, large sponge, chamois clothes, and air freshner
  • Cook's Special - Fill a large soup pot or pan with the ingredients to a favorite recipe, a copy of the recipe (I have used my homemade spaghetti sauce recipe and given all the spices that go into it along with a box of dried pasta)
  • The Happy Baker - Get a cupcake tin and package it with a box of cake mix, container of frosting, cute cupcake sprinkles and a squeeze bag with fun little decorating tips.
  • Bachelor Cook - Large soup pot filled with "A Man, A Can, and A Plan" cookbook along with a few canned ingredients for one of the recipes in the book (I gave this one to my brother before he got married and it was perfect for a young bachelor)
  • Pizza, Pizza - Wrap up together a pizza pan or even better a pizza stone (Pampered Chef is my fav), along with a packet of pizza crust mix, a can of pizza sauce, a can of mushrooms and package of pepperoni.  You could also add in a few cute pot holders!!!
  • High School Graduates Reality Check Gift - Fill up a laundry basket with a laundry bag, laundry soap, stain stick, fabric softener, dryer sheets and of course a roll of quarters!!!!
  • Bachelorette or Girlfriend's Girly Gift - Give your friend an excuse to have another party to invite you to - Fill up a large galvanized tub or large colored plastic tub with margarita mix in a bucket or bottle, margarita glasses, flavored margarita salts, and cute little cocktail napkins.