Friday, December 16, 2011

Fun Ways to Package Up Your Christmas Cookies

Giving away Christmas cookies is one of my favorite holiday traditions.  After a  week of baking, it's time to package them up for giving away.  Not only do I like trying making new cookies eat year, I like finding new ways to package them. You can put a lot of work into baking but it's all about presentation when you give them away.

Traditional Cookie Plate

In the past I've made up the traditional Christmas cookie plate with an assortment of goodies. This is always classic and when I'm giving away a lot of goodies to a family or big group this is a perfect way to package them.

After arranging the cookies on pretty plates, I would wrap it up with some pretty cling wrap or something like these holiday cello bags.

Homemade Snowman Bags

This year I wanted to mix it up a little bit.  I had planned on making a large number of "Thank you" packages up for individual people, so I made up these little snowman bags.  I bought a package of those little white lunch sacks for $1.  I painted on the eyes, carrot nose, and green scarf and then outlined them with a black marker.  I cut out the hats from shiny recycled holiday paper.  On the back of the bag I wrote my holiday and thank you greeting.  A super easy and inexpensive way to package up your goodies or any other gifts.

Inside the bags I put my cookies and candies that I had wrapped up in simple sandwich baggies and some cellophane bags for the pretzel sticks.

Goodie Gift Boxes

Now that I'm back in America I'm discovering all sort of "new" things that have probably been around for awhile.  I found these little boxes at Walgreen's one day but I am guessing you can find them in other stores as well.  These were three boxes to a set for $1.50.

In this box I wanted to put a few more cookies, so I packaged up similar types of cookie in little baggies so that I could not have the flavors mix too much. Things like the sugar cookies in with the spritz cookies and chocolate crinkles in with the puppy chow.  Then I used cling wrap to keep the cinnamon-sugar sticks together.

I placed a red napkin in the "back" and stacked in the bags of cookies so they would show through the box's clear front.

Simple Plastic Bags

Some cookies that I make just don't need a lot of frilly packaging as they are so pretty on their own.  Simply packaging a few decorated sugar cookies in a little plastic baggy are great for quick little give away-s. 

Chocolate and almond bark covered pretzel sticks can be packaged up in fun little cellophane bags and tied up with a pretty ribbons.

These simple little packages are perfect for putting in your mail box for the mail person, to give to the cashier at the store as you Christmas shop, to give to a friend, and more.  Let me know how you package up your Christmas goodies because I'm always looking for new ways to try out.

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