Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cookie Tree

For Christmas gifts for my daughter's preschool teachers I thought it would be fun to find a neat way to share some of our favorite Christmas cookies with them. I found a cookie cutter kit by Wilton that allows you to cut out different sized star shapes and then arrange them as a 3-D Christmas tree. Even if you don't have the kit, you may have different sized stars in your cookie cutter collection that you could try out. This definitely something different than I'd seen before and the teachers were just googly over them!

I utilized my Butter Cookie recipe to make the biscuits. Then we iced them and sprinkled the edges of the cookies with various colored balls and colored sugars to resemble the ornaments.

Then we stacked them up on top of each other to make the tree and topped it off with a yellow "star."

I just wrapped them up in cling wrap to keep them from drying out. I twisted the tops and added a decorative ribbon and tag. I looks good enough to eat!!!!

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