Monday, October 4, 2010

Kick Up Your Philly

While living in the UK I have come to absolutely love anything flavored with sweet chili like the dipping sauces for my Chicken Selects at McD's, Walkers Selection Crisps with Sweet Thai Chili flavoring, and now Kraft has kicked it up a notch and added it to their delectable Philadelphia cream cheese.

As I was cruising through the grocery store trying to find a quick and easy, but unique snack for an informal dinner with friends I thought this would be something fun to try out.

So I pulled out my bamboo cracker tray from Pampered Chef and one of my new snack bowls to fill up with the Sweet Chili Philly. Then I kicked it up by drizzling some sweet chili sauce on top. What a fun way to make something simple to be simply amazing! You could try using other flavored cream cheeses and top them with fresh toppings of what it's flavored like.

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