Thursday, January 13, 2011

All Appetizers Girly Night

One night while my hubby was out of the country I thought I would invite over a few dear friends for a girls only night. I asked everyone to bring some type of appetizer or snacky food to share with each other.

To make things a little extra special I decided to make a trio of crostinis.

Chicken with a pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on top

Ham, asparagus, and swiss cheese

Cream cheese, pesto and cherry tomato

Then on top of it all I make up a big pitcher of mojitos, but for an extra kicker I add a mango puree to it to make "mango mojitos."

I served them up with ice and extra mint leaves in the glasses.

We had a great girly night as we always do, but it was fun to wow them all with a fun little spread.

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