Friday, August 5, 2011

Kaelin's Quiet Book

Here is my latest quiet book creation that I made especially for my friend's granddaughter. I've got some brand new designs in this one along with some old favorites. What a fun challenge to come up with a book completely different from her older sister's that I made about 2 years ago.

What a precious cover - definitely a keepsake gift for this precious little girl!

NEW - Frosting the Cookies

Match up the frosting shapes onto the cookie positioned on a cookie sheet

NEW - A new twist on the "I Can Count" page.

On this one you open up the number flap to find a little lady bug.

Each lady bug is adorned with the same number of dots as on the number flap.

An old favorite - Snap the Tail on the Pony

What Time is It? These moveable clock hands will keep any child busy.

A girly touch on my Button the Shirt with a buttoned-up blouse.

NEW - I Got a Letter

This cute little mail box has a door that opens up and reveals a special envelope addressed to you

NEW - Fasten the Diaper

Getting ready to help out with a baby by fastening up this cute little baby's diaper.

I modified the fruit basket a little bit to make the basket a little shorter and filled up the fruit with poly-fill to puff it up. I also created a few indents on the grapes to give them a bit more texture.

I Know My Address

This fun little house has a door that opens and a plastic covered frame to put a piece of paper with the child's address on it.

NEW - Colorful Flowers

This little flower pot is filled with 6 beautiful felt flowers to rearrange as you please.

The Traffic Light is always a favorite - Stop, Wait, and Go!

I made this jacket a little girly!

NEW - Who's in the Egg?

Hello little chicky!

Of course a bright pink phone for a little girl.

NEW - Making a Butterfly - The little one can watch the caterpillar eat, then turn into a cocoon and then into a beautiful butterfly.

NEW - Stack the Scoops - stacking up scoops of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream in a perfect little cone.

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  1. We LOVE the book!!! Kaelin hasn't got it yet but I know she will love it too! Lauren already loves her book too. You are so very talented. We will treasure these Forever!!!! Thank you!