Friday, December 9, 2011

Quiet Books I Made for Etsy

If you didn't get to see them when I had them posted on, here is one of the quiet books I made to sell.  I was so pleased when all three of my books sold within the first week of me listing them.  After the first of the year I plan to make several more to list on the site as well.  

This time around I did use the top 10 pages that people helped vote on for me and then I came up with six more new pages - What's Under the Flaps?(lift flaps to find 12 fun patterns), Brush your Teeth, Snap the Trunk (to hold the dress up child with), Put Your Coins in the Bank (piggy bank), Put Your Hand in the Glove, and Weave the Rug.

If you are interested in having me make a custom quiet book please feel free to contact me via email at or visit my shop on Etsy at and start a conversation with me.

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