Monday, June 11, 2012

The Ultimate Thing I Like to Make: Babies!!!!

Well it is time to share with you all why my postings have been less frequent over the past several months.  I have been fighting through the sickness and exhaustion of the first trimester of my third pregnancy!!!!  This is the precious little being that I am "making" and nurturing right now.  It sure has taken a lot of my energy and attention over the past four months, but I am starting to gain back some momentum. I am starting to create some new projects and finally being able to stomach some new recipes and hopefully get back on some meal planning. (I tell ya that is a real tough one to stomach literally as I changed my mind about meals up to 5 minutes before everyone started to scream that they were starving.)   

I'm looking forward to finally coming up with some fun decor for my new house that I can finally start enjoying. My big struggle now is trying to figure out how to decorate my kiddos' rooms with a new unexpected little one coming along who will have to bunk up with big bro' or big sis' in several months...guess I'll have to focus on the rest of the house to start creating and re-purposing some decor for. Also while I'm able, we are going to try doing some landscaping and gardening outside so I'll be sharing with you how we get along with that!!!

Yeah...I'm back!

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