Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pearl Harbor - Historical Monument Scrapbook Layout

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In honor of Remembrance Day, I wanted to share my Pearl Harbor scrapbook page. My trip to Pearl Harbor was very moving and I wanted to capture that amazing experience. How I did it:
  • Utilized a wavy blue paper for the background to accent the importance of the water in my pictures since the monument rests on top of the sunken USS Arizona in the middle of the harbor.
  • Focused on a patriotic theme - the paper coincidently had small stars in it as well that followed along with the patriotic feel I wanted to give this page. Using bright red lettering pulled out the red in the American flag as well.
  • Tried to be creative with my picture taking like with the reflection of the monument in the water, but for shots I couldn't take I purchased postcards to fill in.
  • Used white frames to make the actual monument pop out more
  • Overlapped the pictures to connect the flow of the pictures
You may have a special historical monument that you have visited as well and wondered how you could re-create that moment with pictures and paper. Consider the following:
  • Utilize patriotic colors for backgrounds, titles and frames
  • Utilize postcards and brochures for additional pictures
  • Include crayon rubbings made from monuments for that extra special touch
  • Journal about how you felt and how you connected to what you saw, heard, and even smelt
Send me your examples:
Do you have a scrapbook layout of a historical monument that you have made? If you'd like to share it with the rest of my readers send me a picture in an email to

Leave me a comment if you have any other suggestions on how to preserve moments spent at a historical national monument.

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