Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stuffed-Crust Hawaiian Pizza

My family loves to make homemade pizza together because we all can help out. I have made my own crust but I found a white crusty bread mix that you just add water and you get this amazing soft and crusty base. Hawaiian-style (or ham, pineapple, and mushroom) has become a favorite of ours and we also thought it would be fun to stuff the crusts with cheese just like at the famous pizza places. Hands down, this has been one of the best pizzas we've ever made to date!!!

1 package crusty white bread mix or pizza dough + ingredients to make
1 jar pizza sauce
1 cup chunked pineapple
4 slices of sliced ham, cut up in 1 inch squares
3-4 mushrooms, sliced
3+ cups of shredded mozzarella cheese
garlic powder


Mix up bread dough as directed and roll out into circle 1-inch bigger than pizza pan. (Or roll dough out as far as you can and maintain the thickness you want. You will use up about 2 inches or so when you fold over for the stuffed crust.)

We like to sprinkle garlic powder on the baking sheet or stone surface before putting the dough on it to give the crust some extra punch.

Sprinkle a ring of mozzarella cheese around the edge of the dough leaving about an inch of dough on the outside.

Gently fold over the dough and press it down to seal in the cheese.

Spread pizza sauce out and add your toppings. For the Hawaiian pizza, put down a layer of ham, then pineapple, the mushrooms, and top with mozzarella cheese.

Bake for 20 minutes at 400 F or until cheese is bubbling and crust is golden brown.

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  1. I am so making this tonight for supper! What a great tip about the garlic powder on the baking stone to season the dough even more! PS brilliant new layout to this blog! Crystal