Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pass the Frog Game

A game that we played at my daughter's princess birthday party was "Pass the Frog" stemming from The Princess and the Frog story. It is very similar to "Pass the Parcel" game in which you pass the frog around the circle to each person as music plays. Once the music stops, the person who has the frog in their hands gets a prize until everyone gets a prize. We happened to have a little antique frog that squeaks, so I made the little princesses make the frog squeak in order to claim their prize. In "Pass the Parcel" small treats are wrapped in layers on top of one large final prize. My twist was to wrap little treats individually and put them in a "magical" looking bowl. Since the birthday girl was getting to unwrap presents, I thought it would be nice for all her little friends to open something as well even if it was something little.

Materials Needed:
  • Number of treats as guests - fruit snacks, mini candy bars, small snack
  • Themed wrapping paper - I used the Disney Princess paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Decorative bowl or plain bowl that you can dress up with some fabric or a napkin
  • Toy frog
How I Did It:

1) Cut small sheets of wrapping paper and wrapped up the snacks accordingly.
2) I utilized some left over material that matched my daughter's party dress and lined the inside of a pink bowl I had. Then arranged the prize packages in the bowl.
3) Set the frog in the middle of the gifts and displayed the bowl as a decoration until it was time to play the game.

I arranged all my "games" on a table together as part of the decorations for the party. Here is my "Pass the Frog" bowl with the Pull String Castle Pinata and the lips for the "Put a Kiss on the Frog" game.

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