Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cabbage Patch Doll Clothes

This year for my daughter's homemade Christmas gift I decided to pass on to her the Cabbage Patch Kid I recieved for Christmas when I was a young girl. I found the Butterick 5902 pattern to make two dresses, an overalls/shirt set and a fleece bunny pajamas outfit. It was fun to get my old doll out and clean her up. Now with new wardrobe as well she was set to be enjoyed by another generation.

Fleece bunny pajamas - These were so fun to make and so soft.

I love the little hoodie with the bunny ears and floppy little pom pom tail. The pattern puts in some fun details like stitching little toes in the feet.

I made this little sailor dress out of a tiny floral pattern and made a coordinating tie

I like the ribbon outlining the flap in the back throughout the collar and on the arms but it was pretty tricky stitching it on. Also a friend of mine who makes little girl hair bows made me some matching clips to put by the doll's pigtails.

The little overalls were adorable as well. The stitching work on the pocket and side of legs really gives it a real denim look. This was the first time I ever made a collared shirt as well which was really tricky but turned out okay for my first time.

I love this little dress and bought the red checked material to match the color of the school uniforms for the little girls in our village.

The little pinafore was the toughest item to make but ended up working out quite alright. My friend also had the cutest cherry ribbon to use for the tie in the back. The little red knickers were finished off with a little lace as well.

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