Monday, December 6, 2010

Zebra Tree Topper

Most people top their Christmas trees with stars or angels at Christmas time but I have a wonderful friend of mine has a son who absolutely LOVES zebras. She asked me if I would be able to create a zebra Christmas tree topper for him. I had so much fun creating this design and made up a little pattern so I could recreate him later. His body is like a bottle coozie shape with an open bottom with the stuffed legs sewn in the sides. I found a zebra print felt to use for the body and head, then some black for the hooves and ears and white for the tummy.

Then I used black yarn for the main and little tail.

Since all the pieces were pretty small it was a bit tricky to get the legs turned around but it turned out really nice to have it be all one continuous piece on the legs were so worth it. Inside he's wide open to fit nicely on top of a Christmas tree.

I like that the head was separate and sewn on later as it gives a really cool 3-D effect. I folded over the ear pieces to give it a more realistic curvature. We also gave him some googly eyes to bring it all together. This thing is so cute and the reaction I got from her seeing it for the first time was so amazing and rewarding!!!

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  1. Would you make one to sell by any chance? I'm having a zebra tree for Christmas and this would be perfect! :D