Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Big Girl Quiet Book

I had a wonderful lady from North Carolina contact me to make her a quiet book.  She loved the ones I had made but had also already fell in love with another book that she saw someone make online.  She asked if I could replicate the book for her and I took on the challenge.  Unlike other books that I've made in the past this book is much bigger - 30"x 11" when it is open fully.  The pages are all made from different patterns of fabric with firm interfacing attached on the back sides of the fabric to make a firmer feeling page.  The book is suited more for older little girls (4 + years old) and full of super cute girly fabrics and activities.

This super cute hot pink high top sneaker let's you practicing tying up those laces.

This world traveling dolly has loads of fun clothes to dress up in.

This cute little house has clear plastic pockets underneath it's windows and door to hold pictures of a little girl's family.  Also the mail box holds a letter with a special message on it.

(house with plastic picture holders that allow you to change out pictures as many times as you like)

(on the other side of the letter says "To You")

These frilly flowers in pots button off and on.  And the bouquet of balloons snap off and on.

These were my two most time intensive pages and most expensive to make.  The left side is an "I Spy" quilt which have 1" squares holding magnets that match up with another square underneath.  So all 30 pieces can be taken off and stuck back on their matching squares.  To get the squares to stick securely enough I had to use higher strength magnets (3/4" #6 magnets) and then I used a piece of crafting tin attached underneath the patchwork quilt sewn on the page.  With my new sewing machine I'm not supposed to get magnets near it with the computer in it so I had to hand sew all the little squares closed after I glued the magnets inside.  The carrot field on the right is so fun...but I had to hand sew the numbers on it and hand sew the pieces as well as the little green floss on top for the greens.  I love my new sewing machine because it can do lettering and I made the little carrot sign next to the garden with that feature.

Finally this book has a cute little piggy bank with a purse underneath to hold all the precious little coins as they slide in the top of the pig and come out a little hole on his underside.

The outside cover is a vibrant pink striped pattern with handles and it almost looks like a little portfolio book and can easily be carried around by the special little girls who are going to get to call this precious and fun book their own soon.

******If you are interested in me making you a custom quiet book, I work very hard to re-create anything you find and don't want to necessarily tackle on your own.  Email me at corrina_dea@yahoo.com or contact me through my Etsy shop "Things I Like 2 Make"


  1. Looks like you have been busy, Corrina... verrrrrrrry cute. Nice job.

  2. So cute! I made a very similar book. http://angjdriley.blogspot.com/2012/10/finally-finished.html