Monday, October 22, 2012

New Quiet Books For Sale Today!!!

Here they are!!!!  I finally finished my first batch of quiet books and they are so cute.  These are smaller versions of books I've made in the past.  They measure 7"x8" and have 8 fun shrunk down pages from some of my original designs.

Here is an example of one of the new books.  They all have the same pages but half of them are girly themed and the other half are a little more boyish.

The classic teddy bear in bed.

These cute little flowers button on and off their stems and I modified my little tennis shoe so little ones can practice lacing and tying.

I love the new fabric I found for the beads riding up and down on this little carousel.  Also made a 6-square flap page to uncover some fun prints and pictures.

Found a new way to make my little balloon bouquet so I can use some more vibrant fabrics instead of just using felt.  And added in my new classic weaving page.

With my new sewing machine I can make fun little numbers and letters so I included a fun little clock to help practice telling time.

My new smaller sized quiet books are now available on my Etsy shop - Things I Like 2 Make.  Come check them out!!!

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