Friday, January 4, 2013

I Can Count Banner

This is one of my new favorite sewing creations of mine.  A wonderful lady who bought a quiet book from me last year made a special request for me to come up with an "I Can Count" banner for her son for Christmas this past year.  She said he really liked trucks, busses and trains so I thought of making a transportation themed banner.  The banner is 20" x  24" in size and can be hung up with a wooden dowel.  The base part of the banner is made up of two thicknesses of heavy felt with a thin ribbon separating each numbered section.

I designed each of the little pieces so that they would fit in the designated spaces.  I wanted a lot of detail to really make this piece a lot of fun.   Once I got the patterns made and cut out all the little pieces of felt I sewed small pieces of velcro on the backside of each piece with the opposite side of the velcro in its corresponding spot on the banner.  I made the grabby side of velcro to be on the banner so that the pieces wouldn't mess up the rest of the banner if it got stuck out of place.  I attached the top detail pieces on the Velcro-ed pieces with tacky glue to give each piece a bit more rigidity when it dried.

Here are each of the pieces up close:

At the top I attached loops for a wooden dowel to be used to help hang it on the wall.

To hold all the pieces when they are not on the banner I created a little pouch that can be hung from the underside of the banner with velcro.  My customer's son really like Thomas the Tank so I made the pouch of that material.

When the pouch is not in use, there are pieces of velcro on the back of the banner that it can attach to.  Also the pouch is set up to be able to close so that the pieces can be kept nice and safe inside when it is not attached to the banner.

If you are interested in my creating a banner like this for your little one, please feel free to contact me via email at  This banner sold for $75 because of it's very detailed pieces, but I can definitely make more simple pieces for a little less expensive piece.  I would love to customize a banner for your little one to include their favorite things so please let me know if you are interested.

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