Monday, February 4, 2013

Garden Fairy Birthday Party

This year for my daughter's 6th birthday she wanted a Fairy Garden Party.  It was a little challenging creating an outdoor feel in the middle of winter but I think we did a pretty good job and all the girls had a wonderful time.  I didn't really go with the Disney Fairy theme, but I borrowed some concepts from it.  Essentially the party was designed around visiting different fairy areas with fairies that had different talents.  We encountered flower fairies, light fairies, pixie dust fairies, baking fairies and of course I did have to throw Tinker Bell in there.

When the girls showed up they made their way to the "Flower Garden Room" which was our living room that I decked out in all the spare silk flowers I had in my house and in storage.  I actually got to use my wedding flower arrangements again that I wondered if I would ever use again 10 years ago!
In the middle of the floor I had a card table collapsed with some paper sacks and flower/butterfly foam stickers for them to use to decorate their bags.  

Once all the guests arrived we gathered around and I read them a letter that Tinker Bell had left for them.  She told them to truly enjoy fairy land they all needed to look the part so she had fairy skirts and wings for them to wear and flower wands.

I made tulle fairy skirts from 6"x 24"sized strips of tulle that I tied around 3/8" elastic.  I used mostly white, but added in a few pink, purple and green strips.

The wings were constructed of two wire hangers with the hooks straightened out.  I cut out hanger shaped pieces out of organza, turned them right side out then sewed up the edge.  The straightened hooks then overlapped and had more organza wrapped tight around them with an elastic strap secured inside to help make the arm bands.  Then I used some fabric glitter to make the sparkly swirls.

To make the flower wands I bought colorful silk flowers which I popped the tops off.   I hot glued the short stubby end left on to a painted wood dowel then wrapped the "stem" lightly with white ribbon leaving about 12" on each end to create the curly Qs.  Finally I tied thin strips of tulle around the base of the flower to hang down.

I decorated our stairs with Christmas lights, tulle, and tissue paper butterflies left over from the "butterfly party" a few years back.

Next I decorated the hallway down to my daughter's room (AKA the Pixie dust room) with strips of Christmas lights and poly stuffing along the way to look like little clouds.

In the "Pixie Dust Room" I had a little garden arch set up that I decorated with Christmas lights and tulle and an elevated chair covered with green earthy material for the girls to sit on while I painted their nails with sparkly nail polish.

On my daughter's dresser I had homemade body glitter set up for them to adorn themselves with.  I found little travel containers at Walmart to hold the home body glitter which was made up of aloe vera gel with fine glitter mixed in it.

They used little Q-tips to spread it on their faces, hands and where ever else they wanted their pixie dust!!  It was so cute how they gooped it all over themselves.

Our next activity was to visit the Light Fairies room and create rainbow catchers.  I had cut out flower outlines out of construction paper leaving a circle in the middle.

The party room all ready for fairies to get their energy from sweet treats.

I used a banner I made a couple years ago for a princess party and borrowed some big fluffy tissue paper flowers from a friend to hang on the wall.

Fun fairies hung from the light fixture over the table.

Tinker Bell and other fairy dolls decorated the table with all the sweets we had...little fairy iced cookies and candy coated wand pretzels.

Chocolate covered marshmallows make perfect fairy treats.

Mini cupcakes in flower petal cake papers (got them at Walmart) and then swirled the frosting in a little cake decorator kit to make them look like little roses.

No pixie party is complete without pixie sticks and sweet Jello-flavored popcorn.

Each place setting was set up with a piece of scrapbook paper that looked like grass and then topped with some pretty plain white china I had ( you could use paper plates as well) and then a butterfly napkin and little plastic champagne glasses with pink straws.

This party was so much fun and all the girls had an amazing time....especially my little Tinkerbell!!!

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