Friday, September 4, 2009

Ice Cream Soda Party Favors

For my daughter's first birthday I was breaking myself into the hosting side of things and wanted to come up with something special for our little guests to take home. It had to be something that looked fun and was filled with goodies that the kids would really like.

I set them up on the princess plates and had the table all decorated so when they kids all got their they would feel like they were in a special place. Both little boys and little girls like them very much and carried them all over the party.

They are very easy to make, they look super cute and they don't cost very much at all to put together.

Supplies list for one cup:
  • Plastic drinking cup
  • Colored tissue paper cut in a 9-10" circle
  • 1-2 white napkins
  • 3/4 - 1 yard of ribbon
  • 1 swirl straw
  • age appropriate snacks (pack of raisins, individually wrapped mini cookies, miniture candy bars, wrapped sweeties)
How to do it:
  1. Fill plastic cup with snacks.
  2. Loosely scrunch up the napkin(s) and position them onto of the snack items and poof above the top of the cup.
  3. Take the colored tissue paper and form it lightly over the cup and poofed up napkin and tie the ribbon around the tissue paper at the top of the cup. Most cups have a nice little lip on them to help the ribbon hold the tissue paper better.
  4. Curl up the ends of the ribbon with a pair of scissors.
  5. Next carefully poke a very small whole through the tissue paper and poke the swirly straw down through the cup.

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