Saturday, March 6, 2010

Satin Princess Handbag (Treat bag)

For my daughter's Princess birthday party I wanted to come up with a unique treat bag for the girls. Something that they could bring home their little treats in but yet something that a little princess would want to use again and again once she got home. I had lots of leftover fabric from the princess gown I made for my daughter so I used the scraps from that to create these cute little handbags. I also put each girl's monogram on their bag so that it was personalized and they would know who's bag was who's at the party.


2 pieces of poly satin material cut to 7" x 9"
coordinating thread
Bondaweb (fabric bonding material)
scrap accenting fabric for monogram letter
22" of 1/8" cording for drawstring

How I Made It:

1) Create the monogram letter on paper. WordArt in MS Word works really well and for this project I used the font Cooper Black. Cut out monogram letter and trace it onto the Bondaweb face down to create it's mirror image. Roughly cut it out and iron onto back of chosen accent material. Cut out.

Position the letter onto the right side of one rectangle about 1 1/2 - 2 inches from the bottom and in the center and iron into place.

2) To help create the seam line before sewing, fold the top of each rectangle down 1/4" and press with iron. Then fold it down again 1 1/4" and press. Open the 1 1/4" part and pin right sides of both rectangles together. Sew a 3/8" seam around the two long sides and bottom of the bag leaving the folded edges open.

Clip the corners at the bottom and fold the 1 1/4" section back down

4) Make a stitch close to the edge to close up the hem (1/4") all the way around. Move the needle to far right and then let the left edge of the presser foot be your guide to create a channel to run the drawstring through.

(A look at the channel created for the drawstring.)

Turn the bag right side out. On the left side seam, use a seam ripper to take out the few stitches from the side between the two long horizontal stitches to make an opening for the cord. Thread cording through using a safety pin attached to one end. Tie up ends and trim close to knot.

Trim the excess cord off close to the knot.

5) Turn the bag right side out. At the seam on one side, snip a few stitches to open up the channel for the drawstring.

At my daughter's birthday party we used these little handbags as the "treat" bags and I displayed them on our little Disney Princess Tea Cart.

The girls absolutely love them and especially after they filled them with candy from the Castle Pinata. I had put a little bracelet, a candy necklace and packet of Cadbury chocolate buttons.

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