Monday, April 19, 2010

Activity Books for Order

A friend of mine has asked me to make her son one of the cloth activity books like the one I made for my kids last Christmas (click here to see the "I Can Do It" Activity Book I made). Since I'll be working on this one and another one for my kids, I thought I would offer up to any of my blog followers the opportunity to have one made for you as well. The books are great gifts for children 18 months or older and can last through generations (I still have the one my mom made me). With the new page ideas I have come up sine making my last book, you have many pages to pick from to customize your book. Check out the list below and select 8 or 16 pages per book and we can also come up with a customized cover. Prices of the books will based on material costs and time

List of Activity Pages:
(pages marked with a * are the ones I used in my original book, the other are all new concepts)

What's in Mommy's Purse?*

purse with velcro flap with coins and other little bits inside

What's in Daddy's Wallet?
a trifold wallet with spot for child's picture to slip in, spot for "credit cards", and opening for play money

I Can Button (Flowers)*
Three flowers that can be buttoned on stems

Button My Shirt
Little button up shirt with 2-3 buttons to fasten up

Put the Fruit in the Basket*
An orange, apple, banana, and grapes that velcro on a handled basket

Pick the Fruit ***(idea came from my friend Lana's book)
An apple or orange tree that the fruit velcroes on and off and you can put the fruit in a little bushel basket at the bottom

Zip up the Tent*
A zippered tent and then a sleeping bag on the inside to zip up as well

Zip up the Coat
A look-a-like coat with a zipper to zip up and down

Dress Me Up
A little boy or girl with top, trousers, hat and shoes that can be either use velcro or snaps to attached and reattached - little boy or girl would have undershirt and underpants on

Snap the Tail on the Horse*
Pony with a mane and tail made of yarn and the tail snaps off and on

Let's Count*
Numbers 1, 2, and 3 with corresponding number of shapes next to numbers that can be velcroed off and on

Let's Count
Multi-colored numbers 1-9 in felt and attached by velcro to corresponding number on page - corresponding number of beads attached to each number for counting

Button up My Pocket
Front shirt pocket that buttons up

My Crayons
A crayon box with different colored cloth crayons that go in and out of the box - each color has name written on it

What's My Phone Number?
Outline of phone with buttons and a slot to insert paper with child's phone number

Where do I Live?
Outline of house with door and windows that open - slot to insert child's address of house

Put Your Hand in the Mitten*
Oversized mitten to put hand in and out of - looks more like an adult oven mit

Catch the Baseball
Outline of a baseball and baseball mit that child and stick hand in

I Can Comb My Hair*
Pockets for small mirror and comb to hold

Match the Shapes*
Triangle, square, circle, heart, and star shapes that attache with velcro on to corresponding shape on page

Snap the Wheels on the Train*
Train locomotive with wheels that attach with snaps

My Teddy Bear's Bed*
A furry bear with googly eyes that fits in and out of an little bedspread with a pillow

What Time is It?*
Clock with moveable hands

A Traffic Light*
Match up the stop, go, and yield lights of a stop light

Where's the Puppy?*
Outline of a dog house with a door that opens to reveal a puppy dog that is attached with velcro

I Can Tie My Shoe*
Outline of a shoe top with laces that can be laced up and tied

I Can Write and Draw*
Pockets for a small notepad and pencil to be inserted

Fasten the Diaper (Nappy)
Cloth diaper (nappy) that you velcro tabs and open up diaper

Fasten the Diaper on the Baby
Small baby doll that fastens into a diaper attached to the page

Tie My Scarf
Small scarf with yarn tassels attached to page but ends open to tie together

Tie On My Hat
Outline of stocking cap on smiling face with tie attached to bottom of chin then it can be tied in a bow

Let's Fly
Airplane profile with propeller's that turn

Feel the Fluffy Sheep
Sheep with a fluffy body to touch

A Balloon Bouquet
Small colorful balloons attached to ribbons and the balloons snap onto the page

Let's Ride the Carousel
Carousel with large beads that move up and down the "poles" but do not come off

Contact me via email at if you are interested!

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