Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Can Do It Activity Book

Last year for Christmas I made the "I Can Do It Cloth Activity Book" for my children and one for my nephew. It is essentially a cloth based book with loads of activities for kids to do and it hopefully keeps them "quiet" for a time. I think this is the type of gift that will last through generations. I still have the one my mom made for me when I was my daughter's age. With so much time and love put into something like this it will surely stay a keepsake.

How to Make It:

A pattern for the "I Can Do It Cloth Activity Book" can be purchased online at: http://www.sewbaby.com/shopbaby/product_info.php?products_id=4031 . A friend of mine had the pattern so I was able to borrow hers, but I did modify a few of the pages because I wanted to add my own touch to it. It is a very time intensive sewing project but my children and nephew loved them. It is also a great way to use of scrap fabrics you may have from previous sewing projects.

Page 1: The star, hearts, and circles velcro off and on this page.

Page 2: Here you snap the tail off and on the pony.
Page 3: This is a favorite for little girls with the mirror and comb. I added the rope on the mirror because I didn't want to get loose.

Page 4: I modified the zipper page from two plain zippers and made a tent with a sleeping bag on the inside...it's even lined with plaid flannel.
Page 5: A shape matching exercise with felt shapes that velcro on and off.

Page 6: Snapping the wheels on the train. I tried making my train look like "Thomas the Tank Engine".
Page 7: Putting your hand in the red flannel mitt.

Page 8: I tried to be cute with the purse and make it "English" by writing "Mummy", but in true English form I should have put "Mummy's Handbag" because in England a purse is what we would call a wallet. You can put coins or other "mommy" type things inside the purse as it is Velcro on it.
Page 9: Button exercise by putting the flowers on the stems.

Page 10: Velcro the fruit into the basket. I also made the banana "peelable", put cellophane paper in the apple to make it crinkle, a satchel of rice in the orange to make it rattle, and raised pom poms on the grapes to add textures.
Page 11: Put the fuzzy bear in his bed. Addison likes to take all the fruit and shapes and stick them in bed with the bear.

Page 12: The clocks hands move. I also blanket stitched around the outside of the clock to add the minutes.
Page 13: Then you velcro the lights on the stop light. Great way to teach your children "stop" and "go."

Page 14: The puppy is hidden behind a door and can velcro on and off the inside door. A friend of mine had her mom make the puppy dog on her high-end embroidery machine.
Page 15: Tie the shoe.

Page 16: A spot to hold a little notepad and pencil so they can draw.

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  1. thank u so much for all the detailed page by page explanations. Great job on the book, I bet it took a lot of time and patience:)

  2. wow this is really cool and im 17! great job! :)