Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Doggy Bowl Goodie Bag

For my daughter's 5th birthday she wanted a puppy dog party.  To kids the gift bag at the end of the party seems to be one of the highlights I thought up something super fun, easy to make and not very expensive, but loaded with lots of goodies.

I started out by finding some really cute little colored "doggie" bowls and personalized them with our guest's name.  I got these fun little plastic bowls at Walmart for about $0.98 each.  I thought about painting the bowls but using a simple black permanent marker was so much easier and faster.  I also added a fun little paw print next to their name.

Next I created the little "doggy" treat bags to go inside the doggy bowls.  I made Puppy Chow and Doggy Biscuits (bone shaped sugar cookies).  I put each of the different homemade goodies in ziploc snack bags.
For a little extra something special on the goodies, I made little label tags made out of puppy print paper.  I printed out the text, cut around the text with just a little border and glued it on the puppy print paper (found in scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby).    I cut the puppy paper to be the same width measurement of the snack bags.  Next I glued the puppy print tag on colored paper and left enough space to create a 1/4" color border.

Next I stapled the labels on the top of the snack bags.

The doggy biscuits and puppy chow treats turned out super cute.  Now if you can't make homemade goodies you can use the Scobby Do graham cracker treats that are shaped like dog bones.

Also inside the bowls I found some doggy print balloons, some mini sized play dough, and a Toy Story brand mini Slinky Dog.  Overall I spent about $3 per goodie bag.  I used simple gallon sized plastic baggies....the ones that you need a twist tie to close up.  They are really nice to use since they don't have any writing on it like other branded bags.  They also gave me the option to use a fun puppy print ribbon to close up the bag and tie all the goodies in together.

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