Saturday, October 22, 2011

Making My First Quiet Book to Sell on

Yep, I'm going public with selling some of the "Things I Like to Make" and I need your help.  I have really enjoyed making the cloth quiet books for family and friends, but thought it would be fun to put one out there to the public to buy.  So I'm going to my public and asking you to help select the pages you've liked the most to create my new book.

If you want to look through my old books look at these links and vote on the right side of the blog site for the pages you have liked the most....don't forget to pick 16 pages!!!!

Thanks sooooo much!

The "I Can Do It" Activity Book - my kids' book

Beckett's Book

Lauren Grace's Book

Kaelin Deborah's Book

Brock's Book

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  1. Hey Miss Corrina Dea, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for visiting my blog yesterday!! I too, totally loved this rule sign, and even if I didn't have a vinyl machine at the time, I could still make it!! Love your blog, and I am so glad I stopped by tonight. I was having a brain fog as to what I should make for dinner and found your 50 dinners, and am going to make some quesadillas!! Thanks again!! Amy over at