Monday, January 18, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Week 2 of Phase 1 for the South Beach Diets leads us to still eating lean meats with white and green veggies. Week 1 is the toughest because you are trying to get over that sugar craving which is definitely tough. This week though I'm trying a couple new recipes and converting a few favorites to get a little variety in our meals. Typically Phase 1 should show results of 8-14 lbs of weight loss in the first two weeks. Over the past week I've been able to lose 6 lbs and that was with one night of indulging in Indian curries and desserts at a friend's house.

  • Scrambled eggs with Canadian bacon or back bacon
  • Omelets with onion, cheese, ham, and peppers
  • Lettuce salads with cucumber and 1/2 tomato cut up, Italian dressing
  • Oriental cabbage salad with chicken (use splenda instead of sugar and reduce Ramen noodles in half)
  • Chicken salad on lettuce or cabbage
Snacks (3 snacks a day):
For a list of items and menu guidelines for the South Beach Diet - Phase 1 check out:

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