Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Family's 50 Favorite Meals

I always love trying new recipes but each week during my meal planning I fall back on some of family's favorite meals to fill in the rest of the days.  I've actually been able to come up with a list of 50 of my family's favorite meals. When planning out my weekly meals it's nice to have a list of family favorites to refer back to when I need inspired on what to make for dinner each week.

Why not trying to make your own list and keep it posted inside your pantry or cabinet door to help you out with your weekly meal planning.  Remember you can always check out my blog to get some more ideas as I try to post "What's For Dinner?" each week at our house.

50 of My Family's Favorite Meals:
  1. Alice Springs Chicken, steamed vegetables
  2. Angel Chicken Pasta, garlic bread and vegetable
  3. Appalachian Potato Soup and crusty rolls
  4. Bacon Cheeseburger Quiche and crab salad
  5. Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy, garden peas
  6. BBQ Chicken Stromboli 
  7. Beef stroganoff, noodles/rice, corn, and rolls
  8. Beer can chicken, roast potatoes, broccoli salad
  9. Braised Roast Pork, rice, stir fry veggies
  10. Breaded pork chops, twice baked mashed potatoes, homemade applesauce, baked beans
  11. Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon, baked sweet potatoes
  12. Chicken Alfredo
  13. Chicken Enchiladas
  14. Chicken kabobs marinated in Italian dressing (chicken, red peppers, mushrooms and onions) with sweet corn on the cob
  15. Chicken and Leek Pie
  16. Chicken parmesan melts, butter parsley potatoes, and Oriental cabbage salad
  17. Chicken Pasties
  18. Chicken Quesadillas and taco dip
  19. Chicken Schnitzel, red cabbage, mashed potatoes
  20. Chicken Wild Rice Soup 
  21. Chili, fresh veggies and dill dip
  22. Chili Beef, fried rice
  23. Country fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn
  24. Creamy chicken and noodles, garden peas
  25. Fish pie, crusty rolls with butter
  26. Fish (beer battered) and chips, garden peas
  27. French toast, bacon, scrambled eggs and orange slices in powdered sugar
  28. General Tso's Chicken, fried rice, chow mein noodles
  29. Goulash, bread and butter
  30. Grilled BBQ chicken, potato salad, and broccoli salad
  31. Grilled chicken wings, crab salad, and potato salad
  32. Grilled pork chops with a warm rocket (arugula) salad, oven baked sweet potatoes
  33. Grilled Sirloin Steaks with sauteed mushrooms and green beans
  34. Guinness beef stew and brown bread
  35. Ham balls, seafood stuffed mushrooms, roasted sweet potatoes
  36. Hamburgers on the grill, potato salad, baked beans
  37. Hawaiian pizza
  38. Homemade chicken strips (country fried), spinach balls, sweet corn
  39. Italian beef sandwiches, cheesy potato casserole, corn
  40. Lasagna, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and garlic toast
  41. Meatballs, twice baked potatoes, corn
  42. Poppy Seed Chicken, penne pasta, mixed veggies
  43. Pork chops and cinnamon apples, cheesy potato casserole
  44. Pork sausages and sauerkraut, German potato salad, corn
  45. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots
  46. Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn
  47. Roasted Squash Soup and roast pork loin
  48. Sesame chicken with rice, crispy duck with pancakes
  49. Spaghetti, peas, and garlic toast
  50. Sweet and sour chicken/pork with Jasmine rice, crispy duck with pancakes
Some of Family's Favorite Sides Dishes:

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